Functioning under the body of Near East Junior College, the Near East Kindergarten organised an event, “Mother & Toddler Play Day”, for the children and their parents to play together to promote and emphasise the significance of play in the healthy social and emotional development of a child at the age of two.

According to the press info release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, Near East Kindergarten had a play day aiming to educate the parents how to educational activities with their children without the need for buying expensive toys but rather by using recycled products and cheap materials. Furthermore, the event was held so as to practically display the English education system employed and also assist the parents of how they can support the education given at the school by playing educational games together with their children.

The educational activities will continue with the next event titled as “Parent & Child Play Day”…

According to the information provided by the Near East Junior College, the next event will be organised for the three year old group of the school on 8-9 November, 2016, and that it will be themed as “Parent and Child Play Day”. Moreover, the school announced that similar events will be later held for the four and five year olds in the very near future.