The work that the Near East Junior College students completed throughout the academic year have been displayed at an exhibition which has received a lot of appreciation by the visitors consisting of student families and guests. It was pointed out that everyone who came to visit the exhibition expressed delight and appreciation due to the pieces exhibited.

According to the press release issued by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, the Near East Junior College exhibition was annually held due to psychological, sociological and educational significance of the event for the students. Furthermore, the exhibition held this year included wood-work, stained glass, cocoon work, ceramics and many other handcrafts; alongside projects made for science and technology.

Materials displayed regarding Robotic Coding attracted a lot of attention…
In accordance with the theory of education, ‘Learning-by-doing’, expounded by American philosopher John Dewey, and also with learning while playing, the students of Near East Junior College students worked on various art-work and projects which are all displayed at the exhibition. Including most contemporary approaches in education, students are taught robotic coding at the Near East Junior College (NEJC) and the materials produced and coded were also displayed and well-liked at the exhibition. Robotic coding and design technologies were integrated into the education offered at the Near East Junior College with the aim to promote them as they are essential as part of the 21st century education. It was stated that the parents and visitors of the NEJC exhibition were dazzled when they saw the traffic track and basketball field prepared by robotic coding.

Overall, it was expressed that the end-of-year exhibition of the Near East Junior College, where all the meticulous work completed by the students were displayed, was highly appreciated by all those who visited.