Near East Primary School students had the excitement and happiness of starting the 2018-2019 academic year after a 3 month summer vacation.

The students gathered together with the first bell ringing at the Near East Primary School and read the National Anthem. In the first day of the school, Near East Primary School Principal Hasan Yükselen, who addressed to the students on the first day of the school, said “I do express my respect and love to all of you in the enthusiasm and excitement of starting the new academic year. Welcome to your school, your house again”.

Expressing that many new students joined the Near East family together with the new academic year, Yükselen wished the students would gain new information, new friendships, have good days and bright ideas. He pointed out that the greatest difference of the Near East Primary School is that they can speak 2 languages as native speakers along with their mother tongue. Yükselen stated that they want to educate people who have the ability to make decisions.

Hasan Yükselen, who emphasized that the developments in the field of science and technology, the monitoring of innovations and contributing to the development of the countries is the duty of the educational institutions. Hasan Yükselen: “By analyzing the personal development of our students, their academic and social skills and creating a substructure for choosing the most suitable profession to direct their future we will shape our trainings in consciousness. We will endeavor to make a surplus of what is best for these brilliant children and we will entrust to our country. We are working on a more contemporary education system. This year, the “Robotic Coding” course, which was especially taken on the program of the fourth and fifth classes, attracted great interest and appreciation by the parents and the public. I wish the school year 2018-2019 will be a good year for our students and our school”.