Near East Preschool 4 and 5 year old students made a trip to the Near East University Animal Hospital due to the World Animal Day which is annually celebrated on 4th October each year.

According to the press release issued by the directorate of Press and Public Relations of Near East University, the trip was made so as to nurture animal love in children. As part of the trip schedule, students were taken to the see the animals at the Near East University Animal Hospital and were informed by authorities about different types of species. Furthermore, students were provided the chance to learn about how ill and wounded animals were treated. Moreover, they were made aware of the needs of especially street animals and how they required human affection and care.

In addition to the above, the students’ awareness on caring and the welfare of the animals, including species which they might not physically see around them but exist around the world, was increased and told that they all had equal rights to live in the world. In this regard, students were given advice on certain precautions that could be taken to assure the welfare of all animals. It was pointed out that the young students enjoyed time spent at the NEU Animal Hospital and enjoyed interaction with the dogs at the hospital most.

Animal love in children was nurtured via various activities held…
Due to 4th October World Animal Day, various activities were held at the Near East Preschool. Such that, drama activities and games were organised to inform the children with the role of animals in the circle of life and the significance of protecting the animals was reinforced. Furthermore, the children were provided details on the rights of animals while supported with audio-visual materials. On the other hand, 2 year olds prepared an ‘Animal Protection Panel’ and gave out messages themed on protection and love for animals.