Near East Junior College 5th Year Students visited Ömer Kofalı’s house, which is addressed as the “Çoban Evi (Farmer’s House)”; a destination that has been the subject of many documentaries on the culture of Cyprus.

As part of their social studies lesson, Near East Junior College paid a visit to Ömer Kofalı’s house, alongside visits to museums and architectural works where they were informed on many household appliances used in the past and on handcraft tools. Furthermore, it was stated that Ayten Benli guided the visitors at the “Farmer’s House” and provided the Near East Junior College students detailed information.

They are aiming to promote our culture and pass it on to next generations…
Near East Junior College 5th Year Teachers made a statement regarding their visits and explained that the cultural heritage was a representation of the past and that familiarising students with cultural heritage was rather significant as they served as a means to protect them and pass the knowledge on the cultural heritage to next generations. Moreover, they stated that it was a necessity for children to get to know and protect the cultural values of the community as well as shared national culture and family lives. Finally, they stressed that sparking interest in our traditional life culture and raising the awareness to protect these values and these aims formed the basis of their visits. They underlined how important it was to pass on the accumulated knowledge and skills of a community to future generations.