Within the scope of the Clothing Donation Campaign that organized by Near East Preschool and Nicosia Turkish Municipality in collaboration, dozens of children in need were provided with clothes and toys.

The Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University released that the clothes and toys that collected within the scope of the donation campaign were presented as gift to the needy children living in Haspolat Ağıllar Region and Çağlayan Society for the Protection of Children, and children at the Oncology Section of the Nicosia State Hospital and at the Women’s Shelter of Nicosia Turkish Municipality.

Having been initiated to make a positive impact on the environment and put a smile on the face of the children in need, the donation campaign attracted great interest of people willing for contributing to the event. The contributors deposited their used, new or good quality clothes as well as toys in the containers placed at appropriate points within the scope of the campaign. The donated clothes and toys were collected by Near East Preschool and delivered for distribution to the Social Services and Advertising Department of Nicosia Turkish Municipality.

Solidarity is one of the Best Examples of Culture…
Touching upon the crucial role of social responsibilities projects in raising social awareness and creating social benefit, Near East Preschool Principal Beklem Rıza said that the Clothing Donation Campaign” was one of the best examples of the cooperation for such social responsibility projects.

Expressing that solidarity was one of the outstanding cultural values, the School Principal Rıza stated that it was of importance to amplify, boost and instill this solidarity culture in children in order to raise generations who are sensitive to society and people. Expressing that the social awareness increases in the line of the increase in the number of people participating in such social benefit oriented campaigns, Beklem Rıza delivered information regarding the donation campaign: “We have received positive feedback from the children and their parents. On behalf of their children, the parents contributed to the campaign by donating new or good quality clothes and toys for children in need. We are extremely pleased with the outcomes of the project. As Near East Preschool, we have received a lot of positive feedback encouraging us to continue to support the projects oriented at raising social awareness.