Near East Preschool Yoga-Mandala and Mindfulness Workshop organizes “Happy Children Festival to raise awareness of bringing up happy children.

According to a statement from the Press and Public Relations Directorate of the Near East University, the first child-focused festival of the TRNC, “Happy Children’s Festival KK, , will be held on Saturday, June 22nd, between 16.00 – 22.00 hours in the garden of the Near East College.

A festival full of fun and enthusiastic program with awareness workshops, playgrounds, painting workshops, interviews, dance performances, inflatable playgrounds, puppet show, drama, book presentation, air show, psycho show and closing concert was organized for children and parents. The festival is open to the public and will be free of charge.

Experts to Make Celebrity Interviews … Turkey’s Famous Bar Psychologist Ferhat Aydin will make a Psycho show …
Interviews will be held by experts in the field of psychology and personal development. Some other subject specialists will make interviews with children; Photography Artist Hasan Bağlar “Journey of a Photographer”, Pedagogue Ayşen Oy “Recognizing Our Differences ”, Yoga-Mandala and Mindfulness Trainer Pınar Savun “Healing of Awareness”, Clinical Psychologist Eşmen Tatlıcalı “Do Not Touch My Body ” . Bar Psychologist Ferhat Aydın will present a Psychological Demonstration titled “My teacher, What will happen to this child?”

Eril Cambaz Will Perform…
Eril Cambaz, one of the artists of our country, will add color to the festival with different songs. Eril Cambaz concert, which will be the closing event of the festival, will start at 21.00.

Pınar Savun: “Our aim is to raise awareness for raising happy children…”
Near East Schools Group Yoga-Mandala and Mindfulness Workshop Founder and Instructor Pınar Savun stated that every child is valuable and special, and opening up a space for the child to live in, making a happy childhood, trying to do the best for a happy future, make the basis of a happy future, and it is the right of all children to be loved and understood. Savun said that they organized the event of “Happy Children Festival with this awareness.

Stating that they aim to raise awareness for raising happy children with the festival, Savun said, “We are expecting to see all the children of all ages and their families at our festival where we will emphasize the importance of childhood, play, fairy tale and awareness.“