Yoga-Mandala and Mindfulness Workshop, which is affiliated to Near East Preschool, organized “Mother-Child Camp” and “ Mother-Baby Camp”.

In the camps organized for the families to spend more efficient time with their children, have fun, gain awareness, be informed in various fields such as nutrition, mental health, personal development seminars and have fun activities were held. In the Mother – Child Camp, which was held with 60 mothers and 60 students at Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel, informative seminars were held in addition to mother – child yoga, mandala work, morning walks, awareness workshops, indoor pool activities and breath exercises.

Presentations Made on Nutrition, Yoga and Breathing Exercises…
In the camp, Child Health and Diseases Specialist Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nilüfer Gaip Çelik informed the mothers on the “Positive Effects of Yoga and Breathing Studies on Asthma ”, Dietitian Sabiha Gökçen Zeybek provided information on “Importance of Child Nutrition”, and Psychologist (Bar Psychologist) Ferhat Aydın also informed the mothers with a presentation titled “What will happen to my child”.

Spiritual Changes in Infant Development and Importance of Vaccines Told…
In the – Mother-Baby Camp held at Olive Tree Hotel with 0-2 year old babies and their mothers, Near East Schools Group Guidance Coordinator, Pedagogue Ayşen Oy gave a seminar on “0-2 Age Development Characteristics and Mental Changes in this Period”, Child Health and Diseases Specialist Assist. Prof. Dr. Seyhan Erişir Oygucu provided information on “The Importance of Infancy and Childhood Vaccines ”, and Dietitian Sabiha Gökçen Zeybek also gave seminars on “Baby Nutrition”..

In the camp program, mother-baby yoga, mandala work, competitions and games that mothers participated with their babies, which strengthened the mother-baby bond, were also carried out. In the camp where mothers spent efficient time with their babies, the experience and information of participants about baby development was increased.