Organized by the Near East Preschool Yoga-Mandala and Mindfulness Workshop with the sponsorship of North Cyprus Turkcell, the first Happy Children’s Festival, the first child-focused festival of the TRNC, was held in the garden of the Near East College.

Within the scope of the festival focused on awareness, entertainment and learning, various activities held in 14 awareness workshops for children in various fields and the event attracted great interest by children and their families.

The children and their families had a lot of fun throughout the program consisting of painting workshops, dance performances, puppet show, drama, stage games, survivor track, inflatable playgrounds, book presentation, interviews with experts, psycho show, air show performed by TRNC Air Sports Federation with three aircraft and Eril Cambaz concert.

Pınar Savun: “Every child is special, we want to raise awareness for bringing up happy children…”
Pınar Savun, founder and trainer of the Near East Schools Group, Yoga-Mandala and Mindfulness Workshop, said in her speech at the opening of the festival that they aimed to raise awareness for bringing up happy children with “Happy Children Festival”.

Savun said: “We know that every child is valuable and special. We create a space for our children to live their childhood and we strive to make them have a happy childhood. In the centre of our awareness, is the childhood of our children. Having the awareness of being considered, being loved and understood is the right of all children, we aim to raise awareness for the raising of happy children with the Happy Children’s Festival and 11 awareness camps organized by our workshop so far.

Savun continued his speech pointing out the support of Assoc. Prof. Dr. İrfan Günsel, and Vice Rector Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Tüzünkan in realizing the Happy Children’s Festival and expressed her gratitude to Near East Preschool Director Beklem Riza, all the Near East Preschool teachers who contributed to the festival, and thanked the staff of the Near East University.

Savun also thanked TRNC Turkcell, Dorana Tourism and Near East Bank for the sponsorship, all the students who participated in the festival, all the speakers, writers, guests, children and Eril Cambaz.