It is rather clear that the Near East Junior College (NEJC) has been founded with the pioneering attempts of our Founding Rector of Near East University, aiming to fulfil all expectations as he founded the school in 1996. Today, due to its highly valuable headmaster, vice principals and a total of 199 competent and energetic teaching staff, along with 40 part-time teaching staff, there is no doubt that that NEJC has reached a level beyond expectations. We as the managing authority, academic staff and organisation, along with our Chairman of the Board of Trustees, are not content with the current competence and achievements of NEJC and have internalised an ambition to make the necessary efforts to constantly improve: the infrastructure of the school, the teaching staff, the buildings in accordance with the climate, and therefore provide relevant facilities to provide the best in education, in an attempt to reach international standards. It must be pointed out that through its achievements, it is evident that the NEJC is always aiming for the best and is supplemented by its preschool education, providing a holistic approach to education. This holistic approach views early childhood as a crucial stage of life; in terms of a child’s physical, intellectual, emotional and social development and therefore provides education accordingly. However, whether or not the child receives her/his preschool education at the Near East Preschool, the education provided at the Near East Junior College raises children through a carefully structured curriculum.

Currently, the Near East Junior College has become the “leading institution” because of the education it provides, comprising a loving and caring environment which altogether aids in raising children in the best possible way. Additionally, as an educational institution, the Near East offers a comprehensive approach to education starting from primary education, to secondary education at the Near East College, later to a degree at the Near East University, which can later be taken a step further by undertaking postgraduate education for a masters or a doctorate degree. In this regard, as a stepping stone in education the education provided at the NEJC, which involves an age-group of compulsory education, is very well structured and planned and those who are interested in finding out more have the opportunity to find out more about the school via its website. It must also be noted that the NEJC prepares its students to a wide variety of external exams, such as the Cambridge English: Young Learners Exams (YLE); including starters, movers and FLYERS-which is a secondary school (Year 7) examination. We are highly proud of the previous achievements of the school in its previous achievements both in the aforementioned worldly renowned examinations and many others. We strongly recommend you to investigate and observe the school and its students closely by visiting the school itself, as this is the only way that a true understanding can be reached. I would like to greet our valuable graduate students and our valuable parents who are each a representative of the public of Cyprus with sincerest feelings, as we are about to complete the 21th year of the NEJC.

Prof. Dr. İrfan S. GÜNSEL
Chairman of the Board of Trustees