Working Hours
The Pre-School is an all-day school and is open from 08:00 – 16:00 every weekday. Thereare teachers on duty from 16:00 -17:00 at school.

Our Pre-School is closed at weekends.
Our Pre-School is closed on all official and religious holidays.
Our summer holiday commences on 01 August and ends on 31 August.

The children are brought to the Pre-School by their families.

The children’s food is supplemented by their families. The nutrition times of the 0-1 aged children are determined by their families. On the other hand, the nutrition times of the 1-2 and 2-3 year olds are determined by us in accordance with the daily routines.

The school provides a nurse, who is constantly based at school, and she/he conducts the daily-routine medical examinations and give the medicine to children who need to be given their medicines. In case of emergency, the school nurse administers first aid to the children before they are taken to further medical interventions, if needed.

A security member is constantly present at the school entrance. Besides providing the security of the school, the security member also helps the children and their parents in carrying their belongings.

The school offers counselling by the counselling team, which inform and guide the families whenever needed.

Registry Requirements
Those who wish to register to the Near East Pre-School are required to fill-in the registry form of the school, bring a photocopy of a birth certificate or identity card, a photocopy of the vaccination certificate, 2 passport photos, and the receipt of £50 registration fee.