Hasan Yükselen was born on 2 February 1944 in the village of Hırsohu (Altıncık) in Paphos. His father was a coal miner and his mother a housewife. He completed both his elementary and secondary studies in Lefke. After that, he continued his high school studies at Nicosia Turkish High School in Nicosia. Then he completed a year as a temporary teacher before entering the Turkish Teachers’ Academy from where he graduated in 1966. After graduating, having taught for two years in Lefke and a further two years in Erenköy, he was awarded a three-year scholarship from the Cyprus Turkish Authority and went to Gazi Institute of Education, Ankara where he graduated from the Department of Education in 1973.

After graduating, he taught vocational courses at the Turkish Teachers’ Academy for many years. Thereafter, for two years, he was Head of Office at the Youth, Sports and Culture Office. For sixteen years, he held the position of headmaster at Alayköy Primary School, Küçük Kaymaklı Primary School and Şehit Tuncer Primary School. Later, in 1993, he was appointed as the Head of Primary Education before retiring in 1994. Having taken part in the establishment of the Near East Junior College, Mr Yükselen took up the position of Headmaster there in September 1996 where he continues his duties to date.

He is married and has two children.