Derya ESEV was born on 29 December 1981 in Kumsal, Nicosia.  Her father was a salesperson and her mother a tailor. She completed her elementary education in Cyprus and secondary education in London.  At the Near East University, she studied in the Department of English Language and Literature (ELL) and she graduated on 31 January 2003 with the degree of Bachelor of Arts.  In 2003, she also completed the Teaching Certificate Program offered by the Department of Psychology.


In 1997, she had her first work experience in the Southwark Cypriot Elderly Centre in London and for a short time, she worked with both Turkish and Greek Cypriots.  Since 2003, she has been working at the Near East Junior College in Nicosia as an English teacher. In 2008, she attended a 15-hour course offered by Oxford Teachers’ Academy on Principles and Practices in Teaching Young Learners. She also completed a teacher development workshop on working with parents on 21 March 2009. Moreover, she attended the Amazing Minds Conference on 11 April 2009.