The Near East Schools aim to provide a high quality safe learning environment with a welcoming atmosphere where all students are valued. We also help our students to develop confidence and independence, challenge them to achieve their full potential and foster their love for learning.

Our goal is to build skills that set them up for success starting from the preshool and beyond. Our developmentally appropriate environment promotes social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth and also encourages students to try exciting new things and help them to become independent life long learners.

The Near East Schools prepare and motivate students for the rapidly changing world by using critical thinking methods, teaching them respect and values of honesty and loyalty as well as compassion. Since our preschool has become a bilingual school this year with a specially designed curriculum by Cambridge, this also gives them an opportunity to become global independent individuals and achieve their personal best in a wider community. Our goal at Near East Schools is to equip our young people with the skills and a high quality education to solve the greatest challenges of the future.