History of Our School

Near East Primary School was established in 1996 with the permission of the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sports in accordance with the rules of the Basic Education Regulations Act.

The NEJC was founded with the aim to put an end to the traditional approach to education, which was based on rote-learning only, and therefore embrace an eclectic approach to teaching and learning by using contemporary teaching and learning strategies. Furthermore, we believe that primary school education must not just be about preparing students for secondary education or be based on literacy and numeracy skills. It should also be about equipping students with the must-have skills for the future; such that it should involve raising students who are creative, collaborative and be individuals who can reach information whenever and/or wherever needed and be individuals with awareness regarding social and environmental responsibilities.

The NEJC, initiated its academic life in 1996 with 6 classes, a headmaster, a vice principal and 15 teaching staff and since then, the school has developed both quantitatively and qualitatively, and is now one of the most fruitful education centres within the Near East University campus. Currently, the NEJC is 24 years old and it is a fully equipped primary school comprising a headmaster, four vice principals, 110 full time teaching staff and 890 students.