Psychological Counseling and Guidance Unit

Near East Primary School, being the most well supported and largest guidance service among the schools in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, provides psychological counselling services to all our children. The Psychological Counselling and Guidance Service consists of nine experts, including two psychologists, four psychological counsellors and three special education teachers.

The main purpose of the Guidance and Psychological Counselling Department, which is based on the fact that thought and behaviour management is an important factor as well as academic success in a student’s life, is to help our students solve the difficulties they encounter in their development process before they turn into problems, to contribute to their growth as individuals who know themselves, have adaptability and communication skills, are sensitive to their environment and are happy, healthy and creative. In order to move towards becoming an individual with these skills, they need to choose the appropriate goals for themselves.

Psychological counselling is the process of helping people understand themselves and their world and emotions so that they can make decisions that fit their goals and take responsibility for the consequences of their decisions. It works with students, parents and teachers to support them on issues such as creating solutions to the challenges they face with themselves and others, analyzing their problems, gathering information about their reality and thinking by considering the consequences.

In our department, students are listened to unconditionally without being judged on any matter they wish, within the framework of confidentiality and trust principles. With open and honest communication, students are encouraged to share not only on issues they have problems with, but on every subject, and the message is given that the Counselling Department is a place where life is shared.

The work carried out by the Guidance and Psychological Counselling Department in our school:

  • Parent, student and teacher interviews,
  • Professional guidance,
  • Individual and group work
  • Parent, student and teacher seminars,
  • Mother Child Education Foundation Training Programme,
  • Orientation,
  • Values education,
  • Student familiarisation (testing, inventory applications and observations),
  • Marmara Primary Education Readiness Test will be applied to students registered in the first grade.
  • Special education support is provided to students in need.