Near East College Yeniboğaziçi Campus Introductory Meeting to be held…
Date Added: 11 August 2020, 19:55
Last Updated Date:12 August 2020, 08:30

An Introductory Meeting will be held for families who want to get detailed information about the Near East Preschool, Near East Primary School and Near East College, which will start education in Yeniboğaziçi-Famagusta on September 1, 2020.

In the announcement made by the Near East College, the Introductory Meeting to be held for students and prospective parents who want to enroll at the Near East College will take place at the Rauf Raif Denktaş Culture and Congress Center on Thursday, August 13, 2020, at 19:00. Near East College Secondary Education Director Asım İdris and Near East College Primary Education Director Ertan Aligüllü will be present at the meeting, and information will be given about the education vision of Near East College Yeniboğaziçi Campus.

Detailed information about the scholarships and registrations, academic functioning, teaching staff, social facilities, physical and technological infrastructure of the campus will be given at the school introductory meeting. At the meeting, where information about the fully equipped laboratories, workshops, sports and cultural areas and social areas on the Near East College campus will be shared with the participants, the questions of the participants regarding the education of children and the functioning of the school will also be answered.

Asım İdris: "We are in excitement to meet the parents who are interested in our school..."
Asım İdris, Head of Secondary Education section of the Near East College, regarding the introductory meeting held for the students and parents who want to enroll at the Near East College, which will start education in Yeniboğaziçi-Gaizmağusa on September 1, 2020, said: “The parents can get to know our school more closely, they can get the most up-to-date information about it ”. Stating that they want to both meet the need for education in the Famagusta region and to bring the educational success of the Near East College to those living in the Famagusta region, İdris said that they have built a new education campus with modern, science and technology-oriented education models that adopt education principles for the needs of the future.

Asım İdris: “We hereby express our deepest gratitude to the people of the region who are committed to their own values, who have intercultural understanding and respect, who will provide benefit for themselves and for the society with their knowledge, who are aware of their moral and conscientious responsibilities, who have an intellectual and aesthetic point of view, and who show great interest in us on our way to contribute to the future of our country, and we thank the mayors who supported us and ensured every sort of cooperation. We are always ready to answer the question marks on the minds of parents who are considering enrolling their children at our school.”