With the awareness and responsibility of being the first private schools of our country, and with the deep-rooted institutional culture and 47-year educational experience, we, as Near East, equip every student entrusted to us from preschool until the 12th grade with the best education and raise them as critical thinking, inquisitive, searching, and self-confident individuals who are capable of standing at the forefront with their unique personal skills and creativity. Being the linchpin directing the country's education with its innovative educational model, high-tech equipped infrastructure, and well-rooted competent teaching staff, we, as Near East, adopt an assuring educational approach. We provide our students with educational opportunities matching the standards set by national and international bodies. We are dedicated to paving the way for our students to achieve the highest academic success and raising them as individuals who adopt lifelong learning with social awareness and responsibility. It is one of our basic principles to maximize the personal, academic, and social development of all our students, and to equip them with modern the comprehensive knowledge and skills required to address the needs of our rapidly changing era. In the rapidly changing society, we encourage them to learn, to discover and use their full potentials, and to become independent, lifelong learners.

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