The Officials of Near East College, which will start to offer education in Yeniboğaziçi on the 1st of September 2020, paid a visit to the Mayors of Iskele, Mehmetçik and Dipkarpaz
Date Added: 16 July 2020, 19:50
Last Updated Date:22 July 2020, 10:40

The Officials of Near East Preschool, Near East Primary School and Near East College, which will start to offer quality education in her contemporary campus in Yeniboğaziçi on the 1st of September 2020, paid a visit to Iskele Mayor Hasan Sadıkoğlu, Mehmetçik Mayor Cemil Sarıçizmeli and Dipkarpaz Mayor Suphi Coşkun respectively and delivered information about the educational activities of Near East College, which will be opened in the region soon.

According to the info released by the Directorate of Press and Public Relations Office of Near East University, a delegation of school officials including Associate Professor Murat Tüzünkan, vice Rector of Near East University, Asım Idris, Head of the Secondary Education of Near East Schools Group, and Ertan Aligüllü, Head of the Primary Education of Near East Schools Group, visited Iskele Mayor Hasan Sadıkoğlu, Mehmetçik Mayor Cemil Sarıçizmeli and Dipkarpaz Mayor Suphi Coşkun and provided the mayors with information regarding the vision-mission and educational activities of the Near East College, which will start to offer education in Yeniboğaziçi in the academic year of 2020-2021.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tüzünkan: “We are creating a school environment with high sense of belonging that students and their parents will be proud of.”
Delivering a speech during the visits, Near East University vice Rector Associate Professor Murat Tüzünkan expressed their happiness of bringing such a contemporary, social and safe campus into service in Famagusta region to accommodate the demands of students looking for quality education in a distinguished educational environment.

Near East College, which is a brand in education with her contemporary infrastructure as well as her deep-rooted institutional culture and quality education, will open her doors to students residing in the Famagusta region. With her responsibility of being the first private school on the island, Near East will share her 42-year experience in education with students living in Famagusta and raise them in the best way by using the latest educational technologies in high-tech equipped classes, labs and workshops.

Expressing that the Yenibogaziçi campus of Near East College is under construction and it has reached the stage of completion, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Tüzünkan delivered further information: "As the Near East, we adopt quality and excellence in education and we provide our students with educational opportunities matching the standards set by national and international bodies. We are dedicated to continuing to offer quality education beyond the national and international standards and pave the way for our students to achieve the highest academic success. We raise our students as individuals, who are equipped with adequate knowledge and skills required to address the needs of the era, who are self-confident, who have social awareness and responsibility, who adopt lifelong learning, and who are capable to shape the future. The Near East, which has been offering education with these feelings and devotion for 42 years, will continue to provide quality education to our students in Famagusta region with the same understanding and principles. We are both proud and happy to bring our 42 year educational experience to the doorsteps of the young people residing in Famagusta region and provide them with opportunity to make their dreams come true. In this rapidly changing society, we will foster them to learn, to discover and use their full potential and become independent lifelong students. Through educational models adopting contemporary, science and technology oriented educational principles for the needs of future, we will present the educational environment of the future and provide the children living in the region with educational equity to ensure that every child has a chance to achieve success and make his/her dreams come true.
Stating that creating a school environment with high sense of belonging that students and their parents will be proud of is one of their fundamental principles, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tüzünkan underlines that it constitutes the core of their educational approach to carry out all education and training processes in the best way in communication with parents by creating an high quality education environment and ensuring democratic processes that will prepare students for their future lives in the best way.

Asım Idris: "Through International educational curriculum, we will raise young people capable to write their own success stories"
Expressing that they are in the happiness of bringing the quality education to the doorsteps of the children living in the region and providing them with opportunity to experience the privilege of being a member of Near East Schools, Asım Idris, the Head of the Secondary Education of Near East Schools Group, underlines their commitment to equipping each student with the most contemporary knowledge and skills and raising them as individuals who can write their own success stories.

Underlining that they will continue to raise versatile individuals who can produce science and knowledge for the benefit of the society they live in, Asım Idris notes that they offer German and French as a second foreign language option within the frame of bilingual education that adopts the curriculum of Cambridge and Pearson Edexcel. “Through one-on-one studies, tailored in line with the level of students, school reinforcement studies, and accelerated courses as well as preparatory exams, our school, which bears a Cambridge School feature, will prepare our students for IGCSE and GCE exams, While multidisciplinary approaches are gaining importance in the globalizing world, our education systems are modeled in a wide range where a science student can also demonstrate his talents in social sciences and arts, or a verbal student will choose science courses for his future career” noted he.

Ertan Aligüllü: “At an early age, children will meet with foreign language and technology based education that applied through different methods..."
Highlighting their commitment to continuing to ensure the highest quality in education, Ertan Alligüllü, the Head of the Primary Education of Near East Schools Group, delivered information regarding the educational model: "By taking into account the various learning styles of students, we will implement an innovative education system through technology based education curriculum applied with different learning methods. This education system will ensure the most appropriate programs for a wide spectrum of education including foreign language education, science and social education, academic education, art-sports education. The programs are well tailored to enable all students to discover their skills and potentials and gain intellectual accumulation as well” noted he.

Expressing that they are in the happiness of embracing their newcomer students on the 1st of September 2020, Aligüllü delivered further information: "We will offer bilingual education within the frame of the collaboration with Cambridge University Press. A Turkish nursery school teacher and a nursery teacher whose native language is English will implement the lessons in Turkish and English simultaneously. The educational curriculum also comprises French as a second foreign language in order to enable students to get acquainted with different culture and languages at an early age. Within the scope of our Cambridge approved curriculum, we offer art and science workshops along with the academic education. We attach great importance on meeting the intellectual and social development of the children. To this end, we have empowered our curriculum with mindfulness activities, values education, robotic coding, social and sportive activities.
Stating that they will provide the students with language learning skills and a culture accumulation lasting lifelong via the bilingual and student-centered education model, Aligüllü highlights that their bilingual education curricula that implemented in collaboration with Cambridge University and designed for classes ranging from preschool to high school are not only supported with various first end and smart materials but also empowered with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math (STEAM) kits, applied projects, digital contents, mindfulness and science workshops, robotic coding and values education. "Therefore, we will raise our students as individuals, who are ready for their future professions" said he.

Hasan Sadıkoğlu: “Near East College will not only ensure equity in education but also elevate the educational level of the city, the region and the country ...”
Stating that Near East College, which is one of the important educational institutions of our country, will set the educational bar higher in the region and ensure the equity in education with her years of experience, Iskele Mayor Hasan Sadıkoğlu highlights the crucial role of the investment in creating opportunities for the region and enabling the children to receive quality education in equity in a contemporary and safe educational environment.

Stating that Near East College with her high-tech equipped infrastructure and contemporary super structure as well as with her international curricula will meet the region's need for such a modern educational institution, Sadıkoğlu expressed his views: "We believe that the campus of Near East College, which will house all educational facilities ranging from preschool to high school, will contribute to our city in terms of employment and socio-culture. The educational elements needed for elevating the education level of the region and the country will be transferred to the next generations under the best conditions. In this sense, I wish the Near East College to be beneficial to our region and our country”.

Cemil Sarıçizmeli: Near east college adds value to her students, employees and society with her high standard service quality...
Mehmetçik Mayor Cemil Sarıçizmeli also expressed his satisfaction with the local establishment of the Near East College, an important and prestigious educational ground in terms of colleges and private schools.
“It is an important development for our region that the Near East College, which provides quality education for all age-groups ranging from pre-school to high school, has rolled up her sleeves to open her fully high-tech equipped contemporary campus for the children residing in Famagusta region. Our children, who will receive quality education in a school that follows the social, sportive, cultural and psychological development of their students and offers options, attaches importance on foreign language education, and provides a reliable, innovative education and training model, will gain the knowledge and skills to serve not only our region but also our country. In this context, we support the investment that will bring vitality and quality to our region, and I would like to state that we are always ready for cooperation” noted he.

Suphi Coşkun: “The importance of local capital and domestic investment has been revealed once again ...”
Wishing that the Near East College will be beneficial for the region and our country, Dipkarpaz Mayor Suphi Coşkun notes that the Near East College, which is a brand value with her educational quality, academic, sportive and social achievements, will increase the prestige of the region.

“It is pleasing that Near East College, which is a school that prepares students for academic and social life with a student-centered understanding covering activities that enable students to learn by experiencing, will bring her brand value, quality and employment opportunities to our region. The investment made by the Near East College reveals the important role of the local capital and domestic investment in responding to the needs of the society in a shorter time and more economically. In particular, this investment in the field of education, which helps create a socially strong society, will greatly support the creation of an economically strong country with the production power of future generations of well-educated people. ” said he.