Effective Education in Foreign Languages

A bilingual education program is implemented in the Near East Preschool and the Near East Junior College. With the contributions of our experienced bilingual teaching and management staff, a bilingual curriculum has been prepared in cooperation with Cambridge University Press.

Our Cambridge approved curriculum;

  • Having been supported in seven key areas (Personal-Social and Emotional, Physical, Communication and Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Meaningful Art and Design), our bilingual curriculum is carried out in both Turkish and English via modern methods and activities.
  • By taking into account the personal and developmental characteristics of the children of the 3-5 years of age group, the modules are tailored specifically to them. In this regard, our children, who start to receive bilingual-based education at the age of 3, gain the ability to speak English effectively at the age of 5 and acquire the ability to read and write Turkish simply.
  • Our student-oriented education, which has been adopted by the Near East Preschool and Near East Junior College is tailored to improve the creativity of our students, to nurture their critical thinking and inquisitive abilities, to propel them to be more active in the classroom, to raise them as individuals, who have no fear to express and defend their ideas, and who are capable to shape the future with their leadership characteristics.
  • While supporting English language education in all aspects, we maintain the education of our native language, Turkish, and our basic courses, with the same care and precision, without compromising our academic success standards.
  • In order to enable our students to use and improve English more effectively, our education is supported by English Science, English Mathematics and English Computer courses.
  • It is our goal to provide our students with an educational environment that enables them to master the English language at least as much as they master their own language, and where they can read and write while speaking fluently.
  • With the Cambridge International Primary Program implemented in the Near East Junior College, we offer our students an active English learning process.