There are security guards at the entrance and exit of our school for the safety of our students. If parents want to see their children within school hours, it is obligatory to obtain permission from the school administration. The safety of our students in the school is meticulously ensured by their teachers and on-duty teachers.

Having been registered with "Safe School Certification", our school provides a supportive and equitable, much safer, and more pleasant learning environment where students, teachers, and other employees feel physically, psychologically, and emotionally free, where there is no fear, anxiety, and bullying. With its welcoming classrooms warmed up by knowledge and hope, with the school garden resounding with the screams of the joy of the students, and coloured with social, artistic, sportive, and cultural activities, with high safety and proactive security perception that is effective and competent with pre-determined plans and projects, and with rules created by harmony and consensus against possible situations, our school provides our students with a distinguished teaching and learning environment, where they respect and value each other, where they have a sense of belonging and commitment to their school. Our students, whose parents wait for them to return home with peace of mind, experience the joy of learning in a free, safe, peaceful, and happy atmosphere with a shine of joy in their eyes.