What makes your school different from other schools?

Near East Primary School was established in 1996 as the first private primary school in the TRNC. Our main goals are: to put an end to rote thinking and to encourage learning by doing; to teach our students how to access information; to enable them to act in cooperation and solidarity; and in summary, to raise individuals who are creative, disciplined and who love their country and society.

At Near East Primary School, we have been providing our students with a quality and contemporary education and preparing them for success since we were first established

We encourage our students to learn, to use their full potential and to become independent lifelong learners.

Bilingual education, which started in pre-school with the Cambridge International Primary Program, continues in our primary school. While increasing the academic success of our students with our bilingual education program and scientific courses, we aim to raise them as self-confident, critical thinkers, as well as individuals who are respectful to different cultures, creative, innovative and productive.

French was added as a second foreign language to our education, which we make fun with interactive lessons supported by English, technology, science laboratory and on-site observations; our science and mathematics courses are taught in both Turkish and English. In addition to foreign languages, our students are given Turkish and Mathematics courses at the same quality and standard of education in their mother tongue.

How is student registration/admittance carried out at your school?

Our school registrations can be made by filling in the registration form given to our student parents and student candidates after the introduction and information meeting at our school or via the link https://nec.k12.tr/ogrenci-kayit/kayit-formlari/.

What documents are needed for registration?

For registration, a birth certificate, 1 passport-sized photo, and a receipt of the school registration fee, which must be paid at our school's accounting office, are required.

If a lateral transfer is made to intermediate classes, the report card sample of the class completed by the student should also be brought.

What are included in the school fees?

The school fee includes the books that our students will use throughout the year, lunches and a set of school uniforms determined by our school.

What are the education-teaching hours at your school?

The education-teaching hours are 8:00-15:45.

How many students are in your classes?

The number of students in our classes is between 19-24.

What are the criteria for creating your classes?

Our classes are formed by preserving the balance between the number of male/female students and the number of students in the class, taking into account the elements that will ensure proper and efficient education.

What time does your shuttle arrive at school at the latest?

Our shuttles arrive at our school no later than 8:00 (apart from unexpected situations).

How are students fed?

Our students can obtain food and drink from the school canteen during school breaks.

The lunches offered to our students by our school are prepared in a balanced and healthy way under the control of a dietitian and are served to our students by their teachers with fruit, desserts and beverages (Ayran, fruit juice or water) according to the menu of the day.

What is the level of foreign language education? What is the second language? What grade does it start in?

Our school, which has the privilege of being the first private school in the TRNC, has given special importance to learning the English language since its establishment. English is the first foreign language in our school and language education starts from the age of 2.

English language education is included in our program for 10 hours a week and English is also used in science, mathematics and science laboratory classes.

Each of the skills of "reading, writing, listening and speaking" is approached with particular care in the content of our courses and our students are educated as individuals who can speak and write fluently and have proper diction. Our school's English level is certified as a result of our students' participation in the world-renowned Cambridge YLE exams. In these exams, each of the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills is evaluated separately and certified. Our participation and success in the YLE Starters, Movers and Flyers exams are at the highest level each year.
In addition to English language, French education is also available as a second foreign language, starting from the age of 2 at our school. During our French lessons, which are included in the curriculum as 5 hours a week, the same care and attention is paid and we educate students such that they possess the skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking.

5. Do children require any additional courses or lessons outside of school hours?

Within the curriculum of our school, our 5th grade students are provided with the opportunity to benefit from all technological opportunities, as well as a quality and interactive education. Our curriculum is reinforced with ample question reinforcement and repetitions in the classroom. In order to increase the self-confidence of our students, to prepare them for the exams they will encounter on their educational journey, and to adjust the time usage correctly, mock exams are also held at regular intervals throughout the year. Thus, our students do not need any additional courses or lessons.

Is there education on Saturdays?

Our school provides uninterrupted education every weekday, Monday-Friday from 8:00 to 15:45. On weekends, there are courses in sports, music and other disciplines.

What is the attendance/absence policy at your school?

The attendance and participation of our students in school education are meticulously monitored by the classroom teachers and the school administration. In certain cases (health problems, etc.), excuses are accepted by documenting the condition of the students concerned.

What kind of measures does the school administration take when a student does not come to school?

There is close parent-teacher cooperation and dialogue in our school. In this context, the parents of students who do not come to school are contacted and information about the student in question is obtained. All necessary support is provided to our students who have to stay at home, through cooperation between teachers and parents.

How many hours is allocated to English teaching at your school?

English lessons in our school are included in the program for 10 hours a week. English lessons are interactive and are taught by giving importance the four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking). In order to support our English lessons in terms of vocabulary and to prepare our students for their future college education, we also have two hours of English Mathematics and two hours of English Science lessons per week.

How can I contact the classroom teachers during the day?

You will be informed about the office hours of the classroom teachers so that you can meet face to face with the class teacher and all branch teachers about your child. In addition, the classroom teacher’s phone number is given to the parents by the teacher so that they can contact them in case of emergency.

Is there a nurse at your school?

Our school has a full-time school nurse. In this context, in case of an emergency situation, the necessary attention and assistance are provided to our students professionally. In addition to the emergency aid, the medicines that should be given to our students (prescription medication that has been approved by the parents and notified to us, etc.) are administered by our nurse. Our students who have a chronic disease (diabetes, etc.) receive the necessary health services with the supervision and help of our school nurse.

Do teachers regularly change at your school?

After the school education starts, there is no teacher change before the end of the school year, except for exceptional circumstances (health problems, death, etc.).

Do you have a psychologist at your school who can support the children?

Our school staff includes teachers who are graduates of psychological counselling and guidance. Our teachers in this department meet all requests from parents, teachers or students themselves, and closely monitor our students and provide all necessary support and assistance.

Is there a special needs teacher at your school?

There are 3 special needs teachers in our school. Our students who need special help for various reasons receive special help with the cooperation of their parents and teachers.

Do you provide your students with insurance?

Health insurance is offered to each of our students studying at our school.

All Near East College students benefit from health insurance within the framework of the conditions specified in the insurance agreement as of the date of their registration.