Parent-participated Events

As Near East Junior College, we organize various activities allowing children to have fun while learning and helping them grow up as self-confident and independent individuals. Our activities, which are included in our event calendar and shared with you, our esteemed parents, have been designed by taking into consideration the age group and interests of our children.

Each of our students takes part in the parent-participated activities that we organize with content suitable for their age group. English Day”, “Tale Telling Feast”, Poem Reading Activity”, Mathematics and Turkish Olympiads”, “General Knowledge Competition” and “Science Olympiads” are some of the activities and shows included in our annual event calendar. While the aforementioned activities and demonstrations are being organized, a meticulous study is carried out to ensure that each of our students takes part in these activities at least once.

The purpose of our parent-participated activities with parent participation is to develop the skills of our students such as performing or speaking in front of a community and to provide them with the necessary courage in their future lives. In the preparation process of these activities that help improve the mental and physical health of our children, each of our students is also taught the virtues of being a part of a team and taking responsibility.

The Mother Support Program is a series of programs designed to enable parents to support the healthy development of their children in the best way. The 8-week lasting program aims to equip each mother with optimum information required to raise her children with confidence and hope. In order to provide a contribution to strengthening the mothers' support for the development of their children, the program content covers a wide range of topics: "Being a mother", "Family attitudes", "Developmental milestones of the child", "Conscious awareness (mindfulness) in children", "Ways to reinforce positive behaviors in children", "How we can change their negative behaviors", "Anger management-problem solving and empathy", "What needs to done to ensure responsibility in the child", "The importance of playing games in the development of the child", "The impacts of the school-parent-society relationship on the development of the child". While the program provides support for mothers, home notes are also sent to be shared with the family at home.