English Department

In today's world, learning English is a vital skill that will help children achieve their full potential in later life. The sooner they start learning, the better — with the right methods, children can learn English quickly, effectively and enjoyably. Once they have this initial grasp of English, they will have a strong foundation which will be an advantage in their later studies.

When children learn English, it is important that they learn English which is practical and useful. It is important that they learn to speak good English and that they work towards international standards that will prepare them for study abroad, or the international world of work.

At the Near East Schools, we believe that learning should not be stressful for children. It should be fun and stimulating. Their studies here make reading, listening and speaking in English come naturally. As their confidence develops, they will want to learn more and use English to a more challenging level. An important part of developing that confidence is the support and encouragement we give as teachers.

Since English is being used as an international language worldwide, we are aware that children need to develop both conversational and academic English from the earliest level. At the Preschool, our new bilingual, creative curriculum is underpinned by 7 Key areas of learning and will be delivered by teachers through various activities in both Turkish and English. Our children will experience active learning, develop their thinking and language skills, as well as learn French. Our teachers will be teaching actively and creatively so that learning is cross-curricular, fun and continues to be developmental. Our focus is to lay the foundations for your child’s educational future.

At the same time, the Near East Junior College is collaborating with Cambridge University Press in order to become a Cambridge School. Our curriculum is designed around Cambridge Global English which focuses on developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills which learners will need to become successful individuals capable of meeting the needs and challenges of the 21st Century. The Cambridge Primary is made up of Global English, Primary Mathematics and Primary Science and thus focuses on developing language, knowledge and skills across English, Maths and Science. Due to the flexibility of the course, we are able to use it alongside the curriculum set by the TRNC Ministry of Culture and Education.

We have also planned a variety of activities throughout the year in which to help students develop their speaking skills and also their confidence in using the language. These include word games, book presentations, dramas and general knowledge quizzes.

Since 1998, we have been preparing our students for the Cambridge English Qualifications: Pre A1 Starters, A1 Movers and A2 Flyers. These exams are aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) which is an internationally recognised framework describing language ability in a scale of levels. These three fun, activity-based tests are designed to motivate your child and show how your child is learning. Each level builds on the skills learners develop at the previous level. They cover all four language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking. They bring learning to life, covering topics that your child is familiar with. Until now, our students have achieved 100% success.

At Near East Schools, we are firmly committed to helping all our children enter society with the English skills that will prepare them to succeed in their future life.